Welcome to The Secret Vortex. I am the caretaker, Jay. The Secret Vortex is a spinoff from another movie review site of mine, The Stuff You Gotta Watch.

      A few years ago, I realized The Stuff You Gotta Watch was getting very bloated so I decided to take a huge chunk of it and move it to a brand new site. I decided the best idea would be to move the fantasy, horror and sci-fi reviews to a new site, along with James Bond reviews, Harry Potter and so on. I called it The Secret Vortex. Later, I added sections about classic animation (Disney, Popeye and Tom and Jerry) and just a few years ago, I started writing about the long-running British series Doctor Who. Most of the reviews and articles are mine, but included in this site are reviews by two of my favorite pals, John Larrabee and Steve Bailey, both of whom have collaborated with me in the past. Mr. Larrabee, with whom I co-created Laurel and Hardy Central, enthusiastically wrote a hundred or so reviews for The Stuff You Gotta Watch, many of them which I migrated over to this site. Mr. Bailey has occasionally written reviews for The Secret Vortex also.

     This is a free site. I don't ask for donations or anything. I love working on this site. All I ask is that if you like this site and want to tell me, or have any questions about this site, please feel free to use this email:

secretvortex (at) yahoo (dot) com.

     Yes, you know how to figure that out.

      I look forward to your thoughts even if you don't have any.


The Secret Vortex