The Almost-Companions

"You're gonna miss your best friend now /
You're gonna have to find yourself another best friend somehow!"
- Bob Dylan, "Crash on the Levee (Down in the Flood)"

     The Doctor has almost always traveled with companions. Some of them came and went rather quickly, others stayed on for several seasons, even spanning multiple Doctors. In the course of the new series, there have been companions who either didn't work out (in "The Long Game", the Ninth Doctor banishes brand new companion Adam Mitchell from the TARDIS for being an opportunistic jerk) or refused to take him up on his offer (the engineer on the "Mummy on the Orient Express" refuses a job as the Twelfth Doctor's maintenance man). And, with the Tenth Doctor especially, some potential companionships just never happen. Here are three "almost companions" whom I think would have been fantastic.

Lynda (with a Y)

Played by Jo Joyner
Season One, "Bad Wolf" / "Parting of the Ways"

    In the Ninth Doctor's final adventure before needing to regenerate, he meets Lynda ("Lynda... with a 'Y') who learns of his time-traveling life style and hints to him that she wouldn't mind that sort of life. Despite his love for Rose Tyler, the Doctor immediately considers Lynda as a potential companion. Unfortunately, she never gets the chance, becoming a casualty in a battle against The Daleks. Damn those Daleks!

     As with several actresses who have worked on Doctor Who, Jo Joyner played in the series Eastenders, and has had a pretty steady film and television career.

Sally Sparrow

Played by Carrie Mulligan
Season Three, "Blink"

    Steven Moffat's episode "Blink" is often described as the Doctor Who episode for people who don't know much about Doctor Who. With The Doctor and Martha stuck in the year 1969, it is Sally Sparrow who does most of the legwork in the episode. Sally, played by Carrie Mulligan, is a one-time character who could have easily stayed part of the Doctor Who world. It is Sally and her best friend's brother Finlay who, at great risk, put all the pieces of a very Steven Moffat-y puzzle together to save the stranded time travelers whose TARDIS has been stolen by The Weeping Angels (see our "Villains" page). Sally Sparrow remains one of the most memorable one-shot characters, one I think should have been allowed to hang around a while, or at least show up again in the following season and join The Doctor on a few adventures. Seriously, she almost single-handedly saves The Doctor and Martha - and The Doctor can't invite her for a few rides in the big blue box as a thank you?

     This was Carrie Mulligan's only episode of Doctor Who. In her career, she's been in the usual assortment of classic novel interpretations (2005's Bleak House was excellent) and TV series, and played Daisy Buchanan in the 2013 film The Great Gatsby.

Astrid Peth
Played by Kylie Minogue
2007 Christmas Special "Voyage of the Damned"

     Moments after saying goodbye to Martha in "Journey's End", The Doctor is shocked to find his TARDIS crashed into by... The Titanic! Investigating the circumstances, he finds it is actually a flying replica of the original Titanic designed for tourists. On the ship, he meets Astrid Peth, a woman from the planet Sto with whom he immediately bonds. Very soon they are in the middle of a nightmare, with an attack on the ship causing it to begin falling toward Earth, and the ship's robotic Hosts turning homicidal. As in the classic movie The Poseidon Adventure, which this special clearly resembles, several of the rag-tag group of travelers The Doctor is trying to save perish, and in the end, it is Astrid who helps The Doctor get the situation under control.

     Russell T Davies seemed to initially create the character to be The Doctor's next companion after Martha Jones but later, casting pop singer and actress Kylie Minogue as Astrid, he made her a one-off "almost" companion who would only appear in this special. Minogue was one of several prominent stars Davies wished for and got during his reign of running the show. Other include Catherine Tate, Timothy Dalton and Michelle Ryan (see directly below).

Lady Christina de Souza
Played by Michelle Ryan
2009 Special "Planet of the Dead"

     Cat burglar Lady Christina de Souza steals a priceless chalice from a local museum and then hides on a bus to escape the police. It turns out The Doctor is also a passenger on the bus, and, because this is Doctor Who, the bus winds up going through a wormhole, taking them to a desert planet with seemingly no way back to Earth. When they do make it back to Earth (you knew they would make it back, right?), Lady Christina has caught the old "I want to ride with The Doctor forever" fever, but The Doctor, having already had to say goodbye to three different companions, refuses to take her on as a partner. Yet another "almost companion". Had it been a regular season and not a year of specials, the adrenaline junkie Lady Christina would have made a superb companion who could stand toe to toe with The Doctor.

     Michelle Ryan's name was kicked around several times as being a full-time companion, but this is her one and only appearance in Doctor Who. She was best known in Britain for her role in the series EastEnders, shared time with Billie Piper in the TV movie Mansfield Park, and is remembered for her starring role in the short-lived remake of the TV series The Bionic Woman.

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