But he really wanted a Golden GlobeTHE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN

With Roger Moore, Christopher Lee, Britt Eklund, Maude Adams, Herve Villechaize, Bernard Lee, Desmond Llewelyn, Lois Maxwell
Directed by Guy Hamilton
Reviewed by JL and JB

     THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN is one of the weakest of all James Bond films, if not in fact the weakest. All the worst aspects of the Roger Moore years rolled into one. Campy-silly "action" scenes, a cute but semi-annoying Bond Girl, and I hope the guy who thought a return appearance by redneck Sheriff J.W. Pepper was just what the Bond series needed was soundly thrashed. By far the best aspect of the film is Christoper Lee, who deserves to have a much better Bond film around him. TMWTGG received mostly scathing reviews upon its release, it was the lowest-grossing film in the series to date, and it nearly killed the franchise. They were to do much, much better next time. 2 - JL

      For the James Bond fan who has everything, here it is: a Bond film that has nothing. The Bond people managed to do the nearly impossible with this film - take one of Fleming's dullest novels (his final full-length Bond adventure) and make it even more tedious. The only memorable elements are Christopher Lee's presence as the villainous Scaramanga (and as John L. says above, he really does deserve to be in a better Bond film), Herve Villechaize as Lee's diminutive henchman Nick Nack, and one great car stunt that was amazing for its time, is over in about a second and is partially ruined by an unnecessary but inevitable comedy sound effect. I should also note that Roger Moore is kind of tough in this film, although I still can't take the way he says "Bond... James Bond" with an inflection that sounds like he means "I'm so damned charming, you will want to have sex with me", as opposed to the way Sean Connery used to say it with an inflection that sounded like he meant "And I will kill you without a second thought if I have to". 2  - JB

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"You work for peanuts, a hearty well done from her Majesty the Queen and a pittance of a pension. Apart from that we are the same. To us, Mr Bond, we are the best."


Christopher Lee is step-cousin to Bond author Ian Fleming.