(Japanese Title: Gojira Vs.Mechagojira, Gojira X Mechagojira)
With Masahiro Takashima, Ryoko Sano, Megumi Odaka, Yusuke Kawazu, Kenji Sahara
Directed by Wataru Mimura
Reviewed by JB

This review is based on the English-dubbed version of the film.

My daddy's bigger than all your daddy's put together!     Technically not a sequel to the original GODZILLA VS. MECHAGODZILLA or TERROR OF MECHAGODZILLA, GODZILLA VS. MECHAGODZILLA II goes a long way at recapturing the wild monster all-star feel of the Godzilla films of the mid-sixties like MONSTER ZERO and GHIDORAH THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER.  Not only does it feature Godzilla and his mechanical doppelganger, but also Rodan, making a return to the series after his last appearance in 1969's DESTROY ALL MONSTERS, and Baby Godzilla, taking the place of little Minilla from the original series.  

    While the battles between Godzilla and Mechagodzilla are entertaining enough, my favorite scene in the movie comes near the beginning, when Godzilla and Rodan battle over the egg Rodan is guarding.  It always struck me as funny that, with all the gigantic, super-powered monsters Godzilla has battled and defeated over the years, it was always the relatively powerless Rodan and Mothra that could really get underneath Godzilla's skin.  It's like how in Marx Brothers movies, Groucho could always verbally baffle anybody in his path, but often found himself helpless when encountering his brothers Chico and Harpo. (Yeah, I just compared Godzilla, Rodan and Mothra to the Marx Brothers).  The egg, by the way, is actually Godzilla's (or Mrs. Godzilla's?), but it was apparently intentionally placed near Rodan's own egg so that Rodan would take care of it while Godzilla did whatever it is Godzilla does, which is usually sleep underwater until somebody or something disturbs him.  Both Godzilla and Rodan feeling maternal/paternal/whatever over it, and while they battle for who will be the baby daddy, scientists steal the egg and bring it back to their labs, where it eventually hatches into Baby Godzilla, a gentle Muppet-like creature who is nevertheless endearing.

    Where does Mechagodzilla fit into all of this?  He was created from spare parts of Mecha- King Ghidorah (just follow me, will you!) from the film GODZILLA VS. KING GHIDORAH as a defense against Godzilla.  When Godzilla heads toward the city where Baby Godzilla is being held, Mechagodzilla is unleashed to stop him. Needless to say, he almost does but... no.  But he does get to accidentally destroy a lot of buildings.

    For those who are interested in such thing, Rodan is actually called by his real Japanese name Radon in the dubbed version of this film.  But he'll always be Rodan to me.  3½ - JB

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Kenji Sahara     Kenji Sahara has appeared in more Giant Monster movies than anybody else in history.  Having played two bit parts in the original Gojira, he got his big break when cast as the lead in Rodan (1956).   He subsequently appeared in many of Toho's monster epics, including Mothra (1961), King Kong VS Godzilla (1962), Destroy All Monsters (1969), Godzilla VS King Ghidorah (1991) and the last Godzilla film (for now), Godzilla: Final Wars (2004).  He is the only actor to have worked in all three of the Godzilla series and is also well known for his work in the various Ultra series on Japanese television.
Megumi Odaka      Megumi Odaka has the distinction of playing one of the very few recurring human characters in the Godzilla films.  Odaka portrayed the telepathic Miki Saegusa in eight Heisei-era films in a row, from Godzilla VS Biollante (1989) through Godzilla VS Destroyah (1995).